We believe printers should be green all the way

Environment award

It goes without saying that Nationwide prints in all colours of the rainbow. But, when it comes to the environment, we believe printers should be green all the way.

And just to show we’re not all mouth and no trousers, here’s what we’ve actually done to help protect our planet. Without, we hope, too much scientific detail.

Great printing and green thinking – all under one (solar) roof

This year we’ve put our money where our mouth is by installing a brand new photovoltaic (PV) roof that uses natural light to generate power. One of the largest in the country, and a bigger contribution to the planet than a whole stash of accreditation certificates. In short, a really bright idea.

Eco Print

green printing...

We’ve kitted out our factory with a new, enviromentally-friendly roof, which loses 80% less heat and produces 80% more light. Result!
We print with vegetable based inks. And you can’t get greener than that.


intelligent lighting

And content out our warehouse’s ‘intelligent’ lighting system at Power Bosseluma. It’s not quite applying for Oxbridge, but it does automatically light and dim according to how much natural light is available. That’s bright enough for us – especially as it’s saving Nationwide Print thousands of pounds a year. Plus, it’s cut our carbon dioxide emission by a whopping 4.1 tones a year.


Thanks to its clever solar panels, the PV roof will help us save around 13 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. That’s equivalent to the annual electricity use of four houses – and one massive step closer to our ultimate goal, a carbon footprint of zero.

Our printing skills, of course, are still dazzling – while our sunny disposition means you’ll always get service with a smile. So, all in all, there’s a great outlook for our customers. We can’t promise a summer of blue skies, but we do offer a greener way of printing, all year round.


For the good of both our customers and the environment, Nationwide Print has done everything it can in terms of responsible forestry. Call us tree-huggers if you like, but – after rigorous examination – the Forest Stewardship Council® has given us its very own seal of approval.
As you’ll see at www.fsc-uk.org, FSC® sets internationally recognised forestry, and gives accreditation to all sorts of companies, organisations and communities that meet those standards.
Forestry Stewardship Council

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