We were pleased to take receipt earlier this month of a brand-new Volkswagen e-Golf, as we strive to live up to our reputation as the UK’s most environmentally friendly printing firm.

The new, 100% electric vehicle will be charged using power generated by a large solar array on the roof here at Nationwide Print HQ, and used for local meetings and small deliveries.

The e-Golf was pre-ordered with Inchcape Volkswagen Exeter – the nearest local stockist – last year, and installation of the electric charging point has been overseen by Ecodrive, Cornwall’s electric vehicle specialists.

The e-Golf has been specifically purchased to minimise the environmental impact of short trips. We meet with our Cornwall-based clients regularly to help them plan integrated marketing campaigns, and we also offer a turbo printing service for short digital print runs; using an electric vehicle for these journeys will immediately reduce our carbon footprint even further.

With a range of up to 186 miles, the fully electric vehicle is a practical investment and will be put to work for regular trips to clients such as the Eden Project and St Austell Brewery.

The Volkswagen e-Golf looks and feels almost exactly like a regular Golf – which is Europe’s best-selling car model – with the addition of stylish blue LED lighting; it has received positive reviews so far from the motoring press and is likely to become an increasingly common sight on our roads.

Our e-charging point here on the Holmbush Industrial Estate is open to the public, who are welcome to drop in and recharge their vehicles in the knowledge that their journey is powered by green energy and driven by zero emissions.

The purchase of this new vehicle is the latest in a long line of bold green investments including solar panels, efficient lighting, exterior cladding and other energy-saving measures.