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We are excited to welcome four new recruits here at Nationwide Print this summer – each bringing valuable expertise to our growing team of print specialists.

We have made the series of appointments in order to increase capacity, while continuing to achieve the highest standards in pre-print, production and finishing for our clients. Remaining at the cutting-edge of the print industry requires investing in highly trained and skilled staff, as well as in new technology, in order to deliver great results.

Andrew Mole is a print finishing specialist who previously worked at Francis Anthony Ltd; Andrew is tasked with stitching line, laminating and die cutting in order to finish printing tasks to the highest standard.

Another new recruit, Matthew Pascoe, is following in the footsteps of his father; Mike Pascoe is Nationwide Print’s Production Manager, and has been at the firm for 5 years.

Matthew joins him in the production department, and is also working on developing our new software: MarcomCentral offers print service providers a complete online Marketing Asset Management solution for delivering complex cross-media campaigns.

Meanwhile, estimating is being overseen by newly appointed Estimating Manager, Nigel Williamson, who joins Nationwide Print after previous roles at two other local printers – Deltor and Four Way.

Finally, our pre-press and digital departments have been strengthened with the edition of Dean Taylor from St Ives Printing and Publishing, who will help the firm keep pace in this rapidly growing area of print technology.

Employing skilled local people – and adding to that pool of skills through training and development opportunities – is central to our philosophy here at Nationwide Print. We hope to continue to grow the workforce for many years to come.

If you would like to discuss your printing project with a member of the team, please give us a call on 01726 72548 or email We look forward to hearing from you.