Report: PrintWeekLive! 2017

MD Julian Hocking attended PrintWeekLive! in Coventry this month; the first event of its kind for the UK printing industry.

Julian was asked to take part in a panel discussion focusing on achieving success in a rapidly evolving sector.

The inaugural PrintWeekLive! – billed as a show ‘for the industry, by the industry’ – took place at Wasps Arena in Coventry on 7th – 8th March. Organised by PrintWeek, the leading publication for the printing trade, the event was designed as a showcase for technological advances, an arena for sharing best practice, and an opportunity to network and do business.

Over 2,000 people visited the event over two days, where they browsed a show floor featuring brands such as Ricoh, Canon, Heidelberg and Xerox.

We used the event to make sure that we knew and understood the capabilities of the new technology coming onto the market. We are currently looking at investing in some cutting-edge digital finishing equipment, and we made some useful contacts in that area.

It’s crucial that we keep up with rapid changes in printing technology; it’s one of the many reasons that our clients – local, national and international businesses – stick with us.

A conference schedule boasting inspirational speakers covered topics including ‘The Changing Role Of Print In A Multichannel World’ and ‘Blurring The Line Between Digital And Print Marketing’.

Julian reflected: “The talks I attended reinforced my strongly held belief – backed up by talking to our clients – that print is evolving alongside digital, and remains an important part of the marketing mix.”

Julian was asked to take part in the panel discussion ‘Small Is Beautiful’.

All panel members represented companies which have previously won the prestigious title of SME Of The Year at [...]

PrintWeek Awards 2016: ‘Highly Commended’

We are extremely pleased to announce that Nationwide Print has achieved national recognition in the most prestigious and competitive printing industry honours – the PrintWeek Awards.

We were awarded ‘Highly Commended’ in the closely fought Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) category; just pipped at the post for the top spot!

The exclusive award ceremony was held on 17th October at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

Our success in the PrintWeek Awards over the last few years (we won the same award back in 2014) has been a contributing factor in our continued growth. It has helped give us the confidence to invest in new technology and staff, and spurred us on to become a green leader in the printing industry.

We are proud to be counted as one of the best printing companies of our size in the whole of the UK. The team here at Nationwide are dedicated and ambitious, and it won’t be long before we secure the top spot once again!

One of our clients is St Austell Brewery. Kristian Andrews, Design Manager at the brewery, said: “We work very closely with Nationwide Print and have a really effective partnership. This latest award is a fitting endorsement for a great Cornwall-based SME, which is at the cutting edge of the printing industry.”

Returning from London off the back of this award success, Nationwide Managing Director Julian Hocking will now turn his attention to rolling out new technology upgrades, including colour management software and digital finishing equipment.

We will also be continuing our programme of sustainability improvements, with external insulation and cedar cladding, and investment in electric vehicles for local deliveries.

Nationwide Print Shortlisted For PrintWeek Award

We are pleased to announce that Nationwide Print has been included in a prestigious shortlist which recognises the top print companies in the UK.

We are one of just five firms now fighting it out to be crowned Small or Medium Enterprise (SME) of the Year 2016, at the PrintWeek Awards – the most important set of accolades in UK printing.

The PrintWeek Awards are the pinnacle for our industry. They are extremely competitive and the high standard of entries demands that a lot of effort is put into the application process. The judges take into account hard figures on profit and loss, as well as investment in technology and people, and other achievements – such as winning new contracts.

Managing Director Julian Hocking knows what it’s like to scoop the top spot, after Nationwide Print won the same award in 2014.

He commented: “Winning SME of the Year at the PrintWeek Awards in 2014 was one of my proudest moments in business and a fantastic achievement for our team. It gave us renewed confidence to invest in new equipment and staff – investments which have paid off as the firm continues to go from strength to strength.”

Innovation and sustainability are at the heart of our bid for this year’s trophy.

We have invested in new Ricoh digital and Heidelberg litho machines, recruited additional skilled team members, and are currently trialling Marcom Central asset management software to help clients manage their brand across multiple sites.

Meanwhile, new solar panels, office lighting and energy efficiency savings have made Nationwide Print an industry leader in environmental policy; remarkably the firm now produces more energy annually than it uses.

We have a very clear vision, which involves staying at the cutting edge of print technology – [...]

Renewable Energy Investment Pays Off

We have significantly added to our sustainability credentials this summer, helping Nationwide Print vie for the title of the UK’s most environmentally-friendly printing business.

Remarkably, our energy-intensive printing operation now produces more energy than it uses; this is thanks to investments in solar panels, energy-efficient lighting and, most recently, external wall insulation.

Reducing our environmental impact has been a major priority for us over the past five years. With careful planning and bold investment decisions, we are now where we aspired to be; carbon neutral, energy efficient, and sustainable in our use of resources.

The latest improvements, which took place this summer, saw our 1970s production building (which is solid block construction and leaks heat) externally insulated and clad with cedar – improving both heat retention and appearance.

We have also invested in Dyson Airblade hand dryers, which are up to 79% more energy-efficient than other dryers or paper towels, and are considering the purchase of an electric vehicle for local distribution runs.

These improvements follow the replacement of all office lighting in 2015 with a modern LED lighting system, reducing energy usage by 75% and saving over four tonnes of CO2 every year. An additional 20kW of solar panels were also installed in 2015, adding to the existing 30kW array and helping Nationwide Print meet its energy requirements – with some left over.

Taken annually, we now produce more energy than we use, thanks to the extended solar array and the efficiency savings we have instigated. However, natural fluctuations mean that sometimes we still need energy from the grid, while at other times we sell it back. We are looking into solar energy storage systems, as we would be very keen to invest!

Here at Nationwide Print, sustainability is both [...]

Case Study: The Eden Project

Andrew Holden (Procurement Director) and Tamsyn Lewis (Graphics Team) of The Eden Project, explain why they choose Nationwide Print for their printing needs…

Can you give us an idea of what your Nationwide Print order book looks like?

Nationwide Print cover all our printing needs – everything from simple business cards to 100 page bound books. They print our menus, invites, leaflets, flyers, packaging, brochures and posters. Recently we have also commissioned some food wraps on specialist foil papers. Typical jobs could include a small digital print of 100 A5 flyers for an event, or up to 100,000 Welcome Leaflets. There isn’t often a week when Nationwide are not printing something for us.

What do you most value in a printer?

Flexibility, as well as the usual preoccupations around lead-time and cost. Quality is paramount, and Nationwide have always impressed in this respect.

We also value their proximity, and the fact that it is easy to meet and discuss our requirements face to face if we need to. We often end up printing things with a very short deadline; Nationwide always go above and beyond to deliver in time.

We enjoy working with Julian and the team because innovation is really nurtured, and they are always receptive to new technologies and efficiency improvements. The fact that Nationwide Print is a leader in green printing and has invested in renewable energy is really important to us. Nationwide use solar to meet almost all of their energy needs, as well as getting approval from the Forest Stewardship Council. Their proactive attitude helps us meet our own procurement standards.

Are there specific benefits of using a local SME rather than a larger printing company based outside Cornwall?

It’s great to be able [...]

Report: Drupa 2016, Dusseldorf

Nationwide Print MD Julian Hocking was invited to attend Drupa 2016, which took place in Dusseldorf. Here is Julian’s report from the event:

Drupa is the most important international event in the print industry; taking place every four years, it gives businesses and investors a platform to discover new technology, discuss global trends and develop key relationships.

The motto for this year’s conference was ‘Touch The Future’, highlighting its ambition to place “the industry’s innovative power centre stage” and provide a platform for future technologies. Next-generation print, packaging production, multichannel, 3D printing, functional printing and green printing were all given special attention.

Drupa is important because it’s a key forum for new technologies and ideas. Print is changing rapidly and here at Nationwide Print we need to be at the forefront in order to remain competitive.

Digital print is going to become dominant in all forms and sizes – including B1. The quality of digital is now matching litho and the cost is becoming more attractive, especially for SMEs like us.

Other interesting developments also caught my attention. For example nano technology is a new way of printing and it’s to do with nano-sized pigments having very powerful colorants. It’s extremely interesting and is happening now!

However, perhaps the most important development for Nationwide Print is the evolving ‘total solution’ and ‘added value’ approach to printing needs showcased at Drupa.

Print has become more than ink on paper. We recently purchased state of the art equipment and software from global technology company Ricoh. MarcomCentral offers a complete online Marketing Asset Management solution for delivering cross media campaigns. One of the reasons I travelled to Dusseldorf was to promote this collaborative project with Ricoh.

One of Nationwide Print’s biggest clients, St Austell Brewery, [...]

Case Study: St Austell Brewery

Kristian Andrews, Design Manager at St Austell Brewery, reveals how the company works in partnership with Nationwide Print…

Can you give us an idea of what your Nationwide Print order book looks like?

The vast majority of our orders with Nationwide Print are short run print jobs, as these make up almost everything we require these days. Sometimes this could be around 30 separate orders a day including various menus, wine lists and promotional materials for different properties. Nationwide Print also produce posters (up to A3) for our portfolio of food and drink establishments across the country.

What do you most value in a printer?

Industry prices are competitive and fairly flat – what is much more important is reliability and responsiveness. We have a small in-house creative team here at St Austell Brewery and we work very closely with Nationwide Print; it’s a really effective partnership. Once we send them a job we know it will be carried out to our own high specification, and delivered on time. We never have to check or chase and, unlike some other national companies we have worked with, we know they are entirely trustworthy.

Are there specific benefits of using a local SME rather than a larger printing company based outside Cornwall?

Nationwide Print has all the values of a local, family business, with the professionalism and service quality that we prize in all of our business relationships. Because they have a relatively small team, we work with the same people all the time, and they understand our needs intuitively. Meeting face to face if we need to is easy, and they deliver direct to our local properties, saving us time and hassle. They are extremely supportive and are always [...]

New Recruits Join The Nationwide Team

We are excited to welcome four new recruits here at Nationwide Print this summer – each bringing valuable expertise to our growing team of print specialists.

We have made the series of appointments in order to increase capacity, while continuing to achieve the highest standards in pre-print, production and finishing for our clients. Remaining at the cutting-edge of the print industry requires investing in highly trained and skilled staff, as well as in new technology, in order to deliver great results.

Andrew Mole is a print finishing specialist who previously worked at Francis Anthony Ltd; Andrew is tasked with stitching line, laminating and die cutting in order to finish printing tasks to the highest standard.

Another new recruit, Matthew Pascoe, is following in the footsteps of his father; Mike Pascoe is Nationwide Print’s Production Manager, and has been at the firm for 5 years.

Matthew joins him in the production department, and is also working on developing our new software: MarcomCentral offers print service providers a complete online Marketing Asset Management solution for delivering complex cross-media campaigns.

Meanwhile, estimating is being overseen by newly appointed Estimating Manager, Nigel Williamson, who joins Nationwide Print after previous roles at two other local printers – Deltor and Four Way.

Finally, our pre-press and digital departments have been strengthened with the edition of Dean Taylor from St Ives Printing and Publishing, who will help the firm keep pace in this rapidly growing area of print technology.

Employing skilled local people – and adding to that pool of skills through training and development opportunities – is central to our philosophy here at Nationwide Print. We hope to continue to grow the workforce for many years to come.

If you would like to discuss your printing project with a [...]

Major Investment at Nationwide Print

Here at Nationwide Print, we are thrilled to announce the arrival of new state of the art presses, laminators and digital printing technology this month, after significant investment in equipment.

The arrival of our shiny new kit is the result of a growing client list and a bulging order book, reflecting our commitment to quality, customer service and technological innovation.

Operated by our highly trained staff, the new equipment will allow us to continue to exceed the expectations of our clients; it will also help to future-proof the business for some time in a dynamic industry which is always evolving.

The new toys include a P8000 Epson for large format posters and banners; the latest in photographic ink jet technology, this machine offers unrivalled coverage, precision, speed and quality.

Our clients will also benefit from a B1 Laminator for longer run printing tasks.

In terms of digital technology, a new Ricoh 7100 press will allow our expert technicians to get great results as they work with cutting-edge lasers, premium finishes and new ‘textured media’ to produce light packaging, direct mail, books, brochures and business cards.

A custom-built digital room has been constructed to accommodate this machine alongside the existing Ricoh digital kit here at Nationwide, creating a specialist centre for new printing technology.

The purchases add to our armoury for both litho and digital print runs of all sizes, and will allow Nationwide to continue to compete at the top level in our industry.

With continued investment in new technology as well as staff training, and our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, we believe that Nationwide Print will still be employing local people in skilled jobs for many years to come.

Do you have a print job you would like to discuss? Give [...]

Print is changing fast and you have to move forward

As an award-winning smaller printer, Nationwide prides itself on its green values, its people and, of course, its high-quality print

PrintWeek’s SME of the Year, Nationwide Print, is proof positive that small can indeed be beautiful.
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